Monday, December 10, 2007

Positive Precedent

According to B92 News, this is what Joseba Azkarraga thinks about the imminent independence of Kosovo from Serbia:

Basque minister – Kosovo positive precedent

10 December 2007 | 11:33 | Source: Tanjug

BRUSSELS -- Kosovo's independence is positive for the Basque region, Basque Justice Minister Juseba Azkarraga Rodero says.

The same goes for all other regions that strive for self-determination of peoples, Rodero said in an interview for the Brussels weekly New Europe.

"This is positive! It’s basically positive for all the people. Fighting for self-determination is the right of the people. We support the rights of self-determination of Scottish and Kosovo people through peaceful and democratic means to reach such ends," he said, responding to the question on possible secession of the southern province.

"We can see cases of Kosovo and Scotland – similar cases where people are fighting for self-determination," he said and added that peoples who fought for self-determination in Europe "cooperate among themselves", primarily at the level of political parties.

Rodero said that he hoped that a referendum which will be held in the Basque region next year would show what the will of the people in this region of Spain was.

"We do not understand why there is opposition from Spanish government for this referendum. Are they afraid of what the result may be? What people want should be given as a right to determination," the Basque minister said.

Well Mr. Azkarraga, now all you need to do is to have the PNV to declare independence from Spain.

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