Monday, December 24, 2007

More Political Apartheid

This note about Spain's next move against the Basques' political rights appeared at EITb:


According to Some Spanish Media

Spanish High Court could outlaw Basque parties ANV, EHAK soon


According to the Spanish newspapers El País and Público, Spain's Attorney General is to present the demand for the process to start following police reports that point out links between Batasuna and ANV and EHAK.

Spain's Attorney General might present a demand to the High Court to outlaw the Basque left-wing parties ANV and EHAK, Spanish newspapers El País and Público reported on Monday.

According to these two newspapers, the demand would follow police reports that say a bank account received and distributed funds between the members of the Basque political parties, Basque Nationalist Action ANV - Communist Party of the Basque Lands EHAK, and the outlawed party Batasuna.

This financial connection between Batasuna and the two other political parties is enough evidence to start proceedings to declare both the ANV and EHAK parties as illegal themselves, El País reports.

According to Público, the investigations are still ongoing and are expected to be completed by the end of the first week of 2008.

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