Thursday, December 20, 2007

Against Franco's Legacy

This note appeared at EITb, a poll shows that the majority of Basques oppose the Franco style Law of Political Parties that the Spanish stablishment created with the sole purpose of banning any Basque political party that upholds their compromise with the Basque people to pursue the self determination of Euskal Herria.

Here you have it:


Basque Socio-Meter

60% of citizens of Basque Community, against banning parties


They are against the banning of Basque leftist parties EHAK and ANV, opposite to that, 20% would support it. On the other hand, violence is still the main problem of those polled.

According to the Basque socio-meter, almost 60% of those polled say they are against the banning of Basque leftist parties EHAK and ANV and 20% of the citizens would support that measure. Half of the citizens of the Basque Community are also against the decision to imprison the members of outlawed leftist party Batasuna.

Basque armed group ETA’s terrorist attacks made the Spanish Government to argue again about the necessity to outlaw ANV and EHAK, because they have the same ideas as the already outlawed Basque party Bastasuna, But public opinion opposes this kind of initiatives. Some years ago, the majority of the Basques opposed the banning of Batasuna and now they do the same with the parties mentioned above.

Almost 6 out of 10 of those polled are against the banning of ANV and EHAK and that opinion is almost unanimous among nationalists (82%). Non-nationalists are more divided: only a third of them say they are against it.

Opposite to that, a fifth of the citizens of the Basque Community would support the banning of those two political parties.

Violence, the main preoccupation

Violence is again the main preoccupation of the citizens due to the end of cease-fire and ETA’s terrorist attacks.

Apart from violence, housing and unemployment are the most mentioned problems of the Basque community.

Almost half of them support Basque premier’s proposal

Almost the half of the citizens of the Basque Community support Basque premier’s proposal to call for a referendum in 2008 in order to ask the citizens whether they support or not self-determination right. A third of those polled would not support that referendum.

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