Saturday, December 29, 2007

Garzon Bans Rallies

This note comes to prove that Spain is far from being a democracy. In the wake of Natividad Junko's death the clown judge has decided to ban the rallies called by human rights' organization Etxerat to demand an end to the Dispersion Policy that Madrid applies only against Basque political prisoners in a clear example of political apartheid.

One would think that a judge would side with those who demand justice and equal respect for the civil liberties of all citizens, instead, Garzon adds insult to injury by banning the rallies just because some obscure extreme-right organization requested it, showing just how close Garzon is to the fascist minded politicians in Spain.

Here you have the note appeared at EITb:


Spanish High Court

Spanish judge Garzón bans Etxerat rallies


A ruling by the Spanish High Court judge, considering the demand by the right-wing organization Dignidad y Justicia, bans the rallies of the Etxerat organization.

Spanish High Court judge Baltasar Garzón decided on Friday to ban several rallies called by the Basque organization Etxerat to protest against the death of Natividad Junko in a car accident.

Natividad Junko, mother in law of the Basque inmate Unai González, was killed in a car accident when she was going to visit his son-in-law.

The High Court ruling follows a demand by the right-wing organization Dignidad y Justicia to ban the rallies, official sources reported.

The banned rallies were called by Etxerat, a Basque organization in defense of the rights of the Basque prisoners, to protest against the death of Natividad Junko.

What's next?

The people will respond to Etxerat's call and the state will send the police force against them which will in turn create confrontations that will render a new wave of arrests, meaning, more political prisoners whose rights will be trampled by the Spanish government. That is Spain today.

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