Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Another Arrest

Madrid continues its apartheid policy against Batasuna, here you have a note by EITb regarding the arrest of Marije Fullaondo:


Police Operation

Police arrest Batasuna’s leader Marije Fullaondo


The member of outlawed Basque party Batasuna Marije Fullaondo was arrested a few minutes before 5 p.m. in the Basque town of Gernika.

Spanish police arrested this evening outlawed Basque party Batasuna’s leader Marije Fullaondo in the Basque town of Gernika. The arrest was ordered by Spanish High Court judge Baltasar Garzon, Europa Press reported.

Fullaondo’s home, placed in the Basque town of Errigoiti, was searched. Fullaondo is going to be moved to Madrid, the same sources reported.

According to EFE, the arrest is part of the police operation that started October 4 and ordered by judge Baltasar Garzon. That day, 23 Batasuna’s members were arrested while they were having a meeting in the Basque town of Segura.

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