Sunday, September 14, 2008

Basque Treasure

This article by EITb describes a social event in which people thanked Pete Cenarrusa for his effort to advance Basque culture:

"Pete, you are a treasure"


Friday’s dinner had a sole purpose, to honor Pete Cenarrusa, founder of the Cenarrusa Foundation, for his work to promote the Basque culture and language.

More than a hundred Basques, Basque Americans and supporters of the Basque culture met Friday evening in downtown Boise for Pete and Freda Cenarrusa’s Lamb Barbecue.

“Pete, you are a treasure”, Dave Bieter, Mayor of Boise, told Pete Cenarrusa during the presentation, before finishing his speech with a “Gora Pete”.

Friday’s dinner had a sole purpose, to honor Pete Cenarrusa, founder of the Cenarrusa Foundation for Basque Culture, which promotes the culture and history of the Basques by providing resources for performances, presentations and programs to organizations throughout Idaho and Oregon.

Idaho’s current Secretary of State Ben Ysursa also joined Dave Bieter in thanking Pete for his work to promote the Basque culture. They were followed by all the grant recipients, who thanked Pete and the Foundation for their help as each one of them made a brief presentation of how the funding helped their organizations.

This year’s grant recipients were the Basque Museum, Biotzetik Basque Choir, Boise Fronton Association, Boiseko Ikastola, Jordan Valley I.O.N. Heritage Museum, Oinkari Basque Dancers, Oñati Euskal Dantzari Taldea Ontario Oregon Basque Club and Txoko Ona Basque Club.

The dinner was followed by Basque music, raffles and a pala exhibition in the Fronton.

Pete Cenarrusa was the guiding light for the 2003's Idaho Memorial that recognized the right of the Basque people to its self determination.

Unfortunately the commitment of the Basque community of the USA towards Euskal Herria does not go beyond the cultural aspects, if their commitment would ever match the one by say, the Irish, the Albanians or the Jewish communities, Spain would not feel so sure that its multiple crimes against the Basque people would go unnoticed nor unpunished.

We need more Pete Cenarrusas!

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