Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Research on Multiple Sclerosis

This note was published at EITb:

European network to investigate gene causing multiple sclerosis


Ten research teams will investigate the genetic component of the multiple sclerosis’ treatment, they will do it from the University of the Basque Country.

The University of the Basque Country hosted a conference in which lecturers introduced the European scientific network that will look into the new customized treatments for multiple sclerosis. The talk took place at the so-called “Classrooms of the Experience” located at University’s premises in the old part of Bilbao’s city.

The multiple sclerosis is a chronic neurological disease with no definitive cure. It currently affects 400,000 people in Europe, 2,000 in the Basque Country.

During the presentation it was possible to listen to the Belgian professor Koen Vandenbroeck ‘s speech. Vanderbroek is a scientist that works for Ikerbasque, a Foundation created by the Basque Government that primarily aims to help develop scientific research in the Basque Country by attracting researchers and helping them establish themselves in the field of research. Belgian researcher will be the main coordinator of the study.

A European scientific network will investigate the genetic component of the multiple sclerosis’ treatment and it will do it from the Basque University. Ten research teams from five different countries will work on a 2, 3 million Euro-project during four years. The aim is to use genetics to advance towards a customized medication.

The project also offers training internships intended for young researchers.

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