Saturday, September 13, 2008

Spain Issues Threat

Like I said in the previous post, Spain will make sure that Strasbourg violates the rights of the Basque people.

Here you have an article published at B92 that contains the threat by a Spanish politician:

Basques take referendum case to Strasbourg

13 September 2008 | 10:29 | Source: EuroNews

MADRID -- The Basque question is beginning to rear its head once again, reports say.

It comes as moderate nationalists take their demand for the right to hold a referendum on self-determination, rejected by Spain’s Constitutional Court, to the European Court of Human Rights.

Madrid has turned Juan José Ibarretxe down. The Basque Prime Minister remains positive.

“We accept the court’s decision but we aren’t resigned to defeat. We will peacefully pursue our social goals, and our political and legal ones forcefully to defend our rights wherever necessary,” he said.

The moderate nationalist-dominated Basque parliament wants the vote in October. Do not hope for much from Strasbourg, warned Spain’s deputy minister, Maria-Teresa Fernandez de la Vega.

“Mr Ibarretxe is free to knock on any door he likes, but we’re convinced those who respect democratic procedures, above all the European parliament, will never accept an attack on legal principle such as this one.”

The Basque country enjoys more autonomy than most European regions-within-a-state that have campaigned for more self-rule. Opinion polls regularly show most Basques want more freedoms.

Anyone that is familiar with the UN Charter and the principle of self-determination is aware that Ibarretxe's lukewarm call for more autonomy for the citizens of the Basque Autonomous Community could never be considered an attack against any legal principle but Maria Teresa Fernandez knows that Spain counts with the silent complicity of the international community when it comes to the state sponsored violence used by Madrid against the Basques people. This is why Spain so openly tramples the human rights and civil liberties of an entire people. Madrid has an entire arsenal of laws created ad-hoc to supress the Basque drive for self-determination.

Strasbourg should know by now about the assasinations, abductions, cases of torture, attacks on language and culture that at the every day bread in Euskal Herria, and they should know that Juan Carlos Borbon and the two main political parties in Spain (PP and PSOE) are to blame for what amounts to Apartheid.

But Strasbourg also know that the old colonial powers, the same powers that recognized Kosovo's independence a few months ago will rally behind Madrid on this one, and since they finance the Human Rights Court well, you can imagine.

So, lets wait and see how this one plays out.

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