Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Boise's Autumn Season

This note comes to us via EITb:

Autumn season kicks off in Boise for Basques


A crowded Basque center celebrated the opening of the autumn season in Boise meeting for their traditional September dinner.

More than two hundred members of the Basque community in Boise, one of the largest Basque communities and the most active in the world outside the Basque Country, met on Sunday to mark the beginning of the autumn season packed with exciting events.

In the next weeks we will see Dave Boling, author of "Guernica" at the Basque market, the registration of new dancers at Boiseko Gazteak, pala and mus tournaments, the Mortzila dinner, and many more events to come.

"There are many Basques in the cities around Boise and they are not coming to Boise. They are building their own Basque centers," one of Euzkaldunak members told eitb24. "Far from decreasing, this is growing" she added referring to the extension to the Basque culture in the some areas of the United States.

According to Euzkaldunak, there were 26 children at the dinner, which everyone applauded and considered a good number to continue their good work keeping the Basque traditions alive.

Will they discuss then ban on ANV?

Not a chance.

For them Basque culture and identity has nothing to do with people being incarcerated and outlawed for defending those very same concepts, for them, Basque culture and identity are something to keep safe in museums and themed restaurants and bars.

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