Friday, September 19, 2008

A Basque Voice : Leherensuge

It has been six long years as the lone voice in defense of the Basque right to self determination in the English speaking blogosphere's desert.

Finally, I am not alone anymore, Maju is the author of a blog called Leherensuge, and his is a clear voice in favor of Euskal Herria's freedom.

Here you have the link, which has been added to my list of "Must Read Blogs":

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  1. Hey, thanks for linking. Mila esker. :-)

    Just a notice: mine is not a political blog but rather "my" blog, which may be a little capricious. I do blog on Basque politics because I like and because I think that my readers may be insterested in knowing about what's going on here from a non-official viewpoint. But I also blog on many other current affairs as well as science and even astrology (though lately I've lost interest on this largely). An important focus is certainly anthropology and prehistory, and most links in my blogroll are of that kind in fact (yours is an exception, a well deserved one I believe).


  2. Hi Aleksu.Nice blog.Thanx a lot for all the links for Basque websites.I'll go thru them.Keep writing :)

  3. Kaixo Maju, this used to be a personal blog too, but then I decided to dedicate it to Euskal Herria precisely because I realized no one else was blogging in behalf of Euskal Herria in Shakespeare's language while there was quite a few bloggers posting against Euskal Herria. Now I may be able to go back to the old version.

    Besarkada bero bat.

  4. Hi Jhangora, thanks for your visit and your comment, I'm glad those links are useful. See you around.

  5. Sure Aleksu.You may want to add What I like about the site are the animated GIF images Take Care.

  6. Aleksu I noticed u added a link to my blog on urz.Thanx a lot though I'm not sure if mine is a must read blog ;).I will add a link to ur blog on mine under reciprocal links.I hope u mind.Take Care,Dinesh.

  7. Thanks for the linkage Dinesh!