Friday, December 08, 2006

Aid Gure Irratia

A call for support and solidarity in behalf of Gure Irratia has been issued (I posted about it a couple of days ago), here you have the information directly from EITb:

Burnt down radio station Gure Irratia asks for help

The workers of the radio station that broadcasts in Basque for the Basque provinces within the French State want to be back on air as soon as possible, but they need tables, chairs and equipment.

A fire devastated the premises of the Basque station Gure Irratia on Tuesday night in Uztaritze (Ustaritz), destroying the headquarters used for the first time a few months ago, as well as material and work gathered in more than 25 years.

Computers, telephones, books, and much more was burnt down and, although the flames didn't scorch studies, they are covered with dust and most probably high temperatures severely damaged electronic equipment.

Workers want to start to broadcast again as soon as possible at premises of the Uztaritze Town Council, but they need as much help as possible to face the events.

To begin with, they need to buy the indispensable material to broadcast, and that is why they decided to launch a campaign to raise funds addressing all those people who want to help the radio station.

How to help

Money can be sent by regular mail to the address: Gure Irratia, post office box 6, 64480, Uztaritze

Furthermore, they opened a bank account at Caja Laboral-Euskadiko Kutxa: 30350059870590052623

For more information and to send solidarity messages:

Furthermore, a moneybox has been placed at the Basque book and Music Fair of Durango to collect money.

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