Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Paris Steps Up Repression

Not wanting to leave their partners in crime in Madrid all by themselves, the colonialist oriented Parisians find novel ways to attack the basic rights of the Basques.

Here you have the note that appeared at EITb:

A Paris court ruled Wednesday that two Basque lawyers were guilty of having helped deliver documents to detained members of the armed Basque group ETA in 2003.

The court found the Donostia-San Sebastian-based lawyers used their access to members of the armed group detained in France, whom they were representing, to pass them internal ETA documents.

The Paris court sentenced Unai Errea-Berges to four years in prison, while Itziar Larraz was given three years. Both were banned from practicing law in France and from visiting the country for ten years.

Lawyers for the defendants denounced the verdict as "unreasonably repressive," and said they would appeal.

The court also sentenced the four recipients of the documents to five additional years in prison. Three of them were definitively banned from French territory upon their release from French prison.

Poor Frenchies, they know that if things start looking up for the Basques, soon they will have to deal with the Bretons, the Corsicans and the Catalonyans. If they could shed their "old glory's complex" they would be able to understand that quashing the dream for self determination of the trapped nations within the French state goes against their principles of liberty, fraternity and equality.

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