Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Gure Irratia Destroyed by Fire

Some sad news from Iparralde. You can read about it at EITb:

Fire destroys radio station Gure Irratia

The damages caused by the fire are "horrific," according to the director of the station, who admitted workers are really upset. Gure Irratia had moved to the new Uztaritze headquarters in April.

A fire caused spectacular damages at the radio station Gure Irratia, the most important Basque broadcasting station in the Basque provinces within the French State.

Apparently, a short circuit in one of the computers sparked the fire at about 9:15pm on Tuesday, as the director of the radio station, Agus Hernan, affirmed.

Interviewed in the programme 'Ganbara' of Radio Euskadi, Hernan explained that the damages were "horrific" and workers are "really upset."

Gure Irratia moved from Bayonne to Uztaritze in April, and inaugurated the premises in July after a digitalisation process. Nowadays there are 12 workers at the station.

Hernan affirmed that "Basque language deserves that this radio starts to broadcast again as soon as possible" and added that "the aim is to spread over radio waves with our language."

Gure Irratia's programme has been suspended but other Basque-speaking radio stations of the region will use its frequency for a while.

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