Friday, December 08, 2006

Fast For Solidarity

Authoritarian regimes and their chorus of enablers in the international community will never understand solidarity. This note comes to us via EITb:

Basque musicians fast in support of ETA prisoners' rights

Several Basque artists denounced in Durango on Friday situation of the members of ETA imprisoned is getting worse since ETA declared a permanent cease-fire about eight months ago.

About a dozen Basque musicians, including members of the rock bands Ken Zazpi, Su Ta Gar, Betagarri and Exum started Thursday a 24-hour fast in support of the rights of the imprisoned members of the armed Basque band ETA.

According to the association in defence of the prisoners' rights Askatasuna, Basque songwriter Igor Arzuaga and bertsolari (Basque spontaneous poet) Unai Orma as well as several players of the Basque traditional txalaparta also take part in the fast, which takes place at Durango's Book and Music Fair.

Some other forty Basque musicians and writers, including songwriter Mikel Urdangarin and writer Kirmen Uribe, took part in another event in Durango's Kafe Antzokia in solidarity with the ETA members imprisoned.

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