Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Bizkaia's Clergy Supports Peace Process

First the teachers, now the priests, seems like everyone longs for peace in Euskal Herria, too bad Madrid can care less and eight months have passed with Zapatero trying everything and anything to derail the peace process. This article was published at EITb:

Bizkaia's Church will launch campaign for pacification

"Your step, support for peace" will be developed in churches and education centres in the province of Bizkaia to favour the current process arising from the cease-fire declared by ETA.

The Church of Bizkaia has launched a campaign that will conclude on February 3 under the slogan "Your step, support for peace." Several churches geographically distributed were chosen to put up a banner with that slogan and read out a message in favour of peace and reconciliation.

As the Diocese of Bilbao informed, the initiative will be carried out at parishes and education centres in Bizkaia to boost the current socio-political momentum, eight months after ETA declared a permanent cease-fire.

Two weeks before February 3, the campaign will try to raise public awareness of the importance of the political momentum. As sources noted, the Church wants to respond to "the hopeful momentum our society is living, which should lead to take an individual and community compromise."


The gesture the Diocese suggests wants to be "a sign of hope for society and the Diocesan Church, awaiting peace for a long time." "We wanted to live up to the peace expectations since ETA declared an indefinite cease-fire. The Christian community wants to be conscious of the present momentum and contribute to peace and the creation of reconciliation ways," he noted.

Likewise, it wants to highlight the fact that "we are not mere audience, but main characters" of the process open in the Basque Country, and the conflict is not something external to Christian community, it has also affected the Church in its different fields."

By the way, peace now, and reconciliation only when Euskal Herria is free.

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