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Time for culture and travel, this article comes to us via EITb:

Museums in the Basque Country

If you want to dive into the world of the culture and museums of the Basque Country, there is much more to visit than the arch-famous Guggenheim and Artium museums.

Symbolic sculptures

Standing in the Park of the Peoples of Europe, next to the Casa de Juntas in Gernika-Lumo are Eduardo Chillida’s monument to peace, “La Casa de Nuestro Padre”; and Henry Moore’s “Large Figure in Shelter”. Located in a town embodying the freedom and history of the Basque Country, this complex is highly symbolic.

Alava Museum of Heraldry

The Alava Museum of Heraldry, located in the beautiful medieval Mendoza towerhouse, contains the heraldic shields of Alava’s ancestral homes. It likewise includes a general graphic exhibition the subject of heraldry, lineages, surnames and their interpretation.

Gastronomic museums: Llodio and Tolosa

Eating and drinking, inseparable parts of the Basque culture, are reflected in the Llodio Gastronomic Museum and in the Museum of Confectionery and Sweets in Tolosa. The former of the two covers cuisines from different periods, styles and functions, together with a restaurant outstanding for its references to famous chefs and menus from establishments throughout the world. The latter shows how confectioners have been working ever since the 16th century.

Homage to Cristobal Balenciaga

A centre, promoted by the foundation bearing his name, dedicated to the work of brilliant fashion designer Cristobal Balenciaga will soon be opened in his native village of Getaria. The project is currently underway with one permanent and several temporary exhibitions intended to culminate in a museum which will serve as a witness to the contribution of this man from Gipuzkoa to the world of fashion.

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