Monday, December 18, 2006

The Basque Race

He, I would love to see the face of those who lured by the title of the post came here thinking that I was going to splurge in some sort of glorification of what being Basque is. I'll leave that to the rabid nationalisms that fueled by an inferiority complex insist on stealing the land of others while unleashing genocide and repression (read Israel, Spain, France, England).

This is about another kind of race, the kind in which a group of people depart from one place in order to see who gets to the destination spot first.

Here you have the note, it appeared at EITb:

The popular race Korrika, organised by Basque language school net for adults AEK once every two years, will celebrate its 15th edition in 2007. Its main aim is to boost the language, but this edition will pay tribute to female speakers for their job protecting and passing on language and culture. Under the slogan "Heldu," the race will kick off on March 22 at the Carranza Valley, northwestern Basque Country, and finish in Pamplona/Iruña on April 1.

The 2007 edition was presented Monday by the manager of the event Edurne Brouard, AEK general coordinator Mertxe Mujika and Asier Amondo, member of AEK's National Commission.

The slogan of the current edition will be "Heldu," "mainly because it defines AEK's job very well, teaching adult learners, 'heldu' means that in Basque," as Brouard explained. "Heldu is a Basque word with several meanings, all of them positive. It means arrive, grasp, hold, maintain, grow up and mature."

Thus, Edurne Brouard defended Basque language "as an identity document" since "we make up the Basque Country when we speak in Basque." That is why "we can't waste what characterises us."

Likewise, Brouard believes that "everybody's compromise to claim that we are the country of the Basque language" is necessary. Korrika 15 bets for the work and collaboration of "all agents in the Basque Country," political parties, associations, unions and institutions that "overcome laws and measures that deny or limit the survival of the Basque language."

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