Thursday, June 07, 2007

A Basque Winnemucca


For many of you this may be the first time you read that word. It is the name of a town in Nevada. Happens to be that it is also home to a quite active Basque community.

This note appeared today at EITb:

Basque Americans

NABO Annual Convention kicks off in Winnemucca


Every year since 1979 one of the member clubs hosts the NABO Convention meeting which is usually the largest annual gathering of Basque-Americans. This year the meeting will be hold at Winnemucca, Nevada.

From Friday, June 8, to Sunday, NABO will hold its Annual Convention in Winnemucca, hosted by the Euskaldunak Danak Bat Basque Club.

Every year since 1979 one of the NABO member clubs hosts the Convention meeting which is usually the largest annual gathering of Basque-Americans.

While the NABO Convention kicks off on June 8, at the Winnemucca Convention Center. Several activities are scheduled on Friday, including mus tournaments, the exhibition Making West Home: A Basque Journey by photographer Linda Dufurrena, concerts by the Boise accordion group Txantxangorriak, Jean Flesher on accordion and a performance by the Winnemucca Irrintzi Beginner dancers, as well as a concert by Luhartz, a band from Durango (Bizkaia, Basque Country).

On Saturday morning a great parade through the streets of the town will take place, followed by the inauguration ceremony with performances by Jean Flesher Band and Noka. In the afternoon there will an exhibition of Basque sports and contest and the day will end with dance performances and music of Jean Flesher Band, Luhartz and the local band What’s Next.

On Sunday father Martxel Tillous will celebrate a mass at the West Hall, followed by performances of Txantxangorriak and Noka. A delicious Basque meal will be served at midday. The Convention closes in the afternoon with dance perfomances, jota contests, junior weight carry and junior soka-tira contests.

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