Thursday, June 07, 2007

Ibarretxe's Betrayal

BAC's premier Juan José Ibarretxe is going way to far in his new role as a lackey for Madrid's decision makers.

If his party has failed to attract more voters it is their own fault, as it is shown in the constant decline of votes to his party since that year in which the Basques, wanting to believe that he was the answer, gave him the votes he needed just to see him squander his political capital in favor of the technocrats within his party that were more worried about the economic profits that the wish of the Basque people.

Upset because of the last election showed that his start is fading away, now Ibarretxe takes the opportunity created by Zapatero's hate filled speech to fan the flames.

Here you have this note from EITb:

Political Council Meeting

Basque premier: "ETA deceived Batasuna's voters"


Juan Jose Ibarretxe believes that ETA's announcement "is a huge frustration and a deception" to Batasuna's voters.

The Basque premier, Juan Jose Ibarretxe assured that he will use all police means he can reach to defeat ETA and that nobody will shatter the peace future of Basques, "no matter how painful the death throes of terrorism are." Furthermore, he said that ETA "deceived" Batasuna's voters.

In a statement read following the Political Council meeting of the Basque Government -formed by the Basque premier and councillors Javier Madrazo and Joseba Azkarraga- Ibarretxe voiced their "categorical rejection and condemnation of violence."

In his opinion, ETA's statement putting an end to the ceasefire is "a huge frustration and a deception to Batasuna's voters." "ETA shut the door to hope with a bang as well as to the voters who backed ANV to push the peace process," he noted.

In his opinion, ETA "is again on the fringes of the Basque people, who demand its dissolution once and again." "Violence is the past and Basque society doesn't want it, it looks to the future and either nothing or nobody will shatter the peace future, no matter how painful the death throes of terrorism are," he said.

Ibarretxe announced the compromise of the Government to boost the Plan for Peace and Coexistence approved by the Political Council on April 26, 2006, which defined "the foundations to set up a peace and coexistence plan." He noted that he will delve into the solidarity initiatives with victims and will promote "the respect and defence of all human rights."

"There can't be illegal shortcuts against terrorism, we can't act guided by action-reaction, as we are observing lately," he said, and added that "he will use all the police means he can, but will also report human right violations, wherever they come from."

Dialogue without exclusions

The Basque premier defended political dialogue "without exclusions " to find solutions to "coexistence problems" because "without dialogue, there is no solution."

Thus, he said "now more than ever, we need to claim for institutional and parties' dialogue to avoid the use of violence as a confrontation weapon."

Likewise, after he affirmed Euskadi can achieve peace, he called for a dialogued end to violence "when ETA shows unequivocal evidence that it is ready to put an end to terrorism once and for all."

Hey Ibarretxe, you need to instruct Javier Balza not to obstruct the dialogue among the Basques and demand from him to stop the violence that the Ertzaintza exercises over the people they are supposed to defend.

And by the way, to call Ibarretxe the Basque Premier is like calling Basque-phobe Sanz the Basque Premier just because he rules over Navarre.

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