Wednesday, June 06, 2007

First Europeans

Oh this is going to make a lot of fellas in the Basque-phobe camp so upset. Here you have it, as published by EITb:

'First Europeans were Basques and Basque the first language'

That’s the theory of a philologist and historian Jorge Maria Rivero Meneses in his book El verdadero origen de los vascos: la primera humanidad that will be presented Wednesday in Koldo Mitxelena library.

The philologist and historian Jorge María Ribero Meneses, after being investigating for years, reached the conclusion that Basque people were the first inhabitants of the European continent. According to Ribero Meneses, in addition, nowadays Basque is the evolution of the world’s oldest language. At the very beginning it was generalised throughout the north of Spain.

That is what he says in his book El verdadero origen de los vascos: la primera humanidad (The real origin of the Basque people: The first human beings), which will be presented Wednesday in Donostia’s Koldo Mitxelena library.

Is to mention, that the first Basques Ribero Meneses makes reference to, are not the ones we know nowadays, “Cantabria and Basque country have always been the same, as it is shown in many maps and ancient documents, but the historian and theologian Enrique Flórez, in the XVIII century, insisted on leaving the Basques outside, defending with nonsense things that only the people from Santander were from Cantabria”. According to the philologist and historian, that is the origin of the Basque “independents”, due to this, according to Flórez “created a serious problem to the identity of the Basque people”.

The philology, toponimy, arqueology and genetic studies support this author’s theories that have been presenting since 1984 of Cantabria’s area as the are where the first intelligent human being developed. The DNA studies published in 2003 support this theory, which assures that three fourths of the Europeans come from a specific population of Northern Spain. In 2006, another genetic study showed that British Island’s inhabitants came from the Cantabric coast.

There you go, in case Basques needed more reasons to support their demand for self determination.

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