Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Zapatero Retaliates in Mexico

Upset because he has been exposed as a lame politician, a man bent on perpetuating the colonialist occupation of a nation that cries for freedom, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero has demanded from his allies to start punishing Basque citizens no matter where they are.

This is why Mexico deported Andoni Azpiazu Alcelay, a week after the ETA said it was ending a 15-month ceasefire in which Spain did absolutely nothing to negotiate a peaceful resolution of the political conflict that pits Spain against Euskal Herria.

Migration authorities found Andoni Azpiazu Alcelay in the city of Cuernavaca, thanks to an anonymous tip, and expelled him because he lacked a visa, Mexico's government said.

ETA, which has been fighting for an independent Basque state in northern Spain and southwestern France for four decades, said last week it was abandoning a ceasefire it had declared in March 2006.

The government of Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero started exploratory peace talks in mid-2006, but broke them off at the end of the year after ETA detonated a bomb at Madrid's airport in December after Zapatero arrested ETA's envoys to the peace negotiations in clear violation to international treaties.

In 2006, Mexico extradited six people to Spain for suspected links to ETA after a three-year legal battle in which Spain failed to produce a single piece of evidence to support its outlandish accusations.

In the mid-1990s, Mexico signed a extradition treaty with Spain in which it ceased to treat suspected terrorists as political refugees in clear violation with Mexico's Constitution and the country's hard earned recognition in the international community as a safe haven for those who are escaping ethnic, religious or political persecution. But Spain is taking advantage of its position as a trade mediator between Mexico and the European Community, demanding Basque citizens in return for their support.

Zapatero is exporting Spain's brand of repression against the Basque people as a result of his refusal to sit down with the Basque political forces to seek a peaceful end to the occupation of Euskal Herria in its peninsular portion. He is no different from Milosevic.

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