Saturday, June 16, 2007

Euskal Herria: New Town Councils

So, the betrayal by the PSOE to the people of Nafarroa has now taken place. Despite the sour exchange between the leaders of the pseudo-socialist party with Mariano Rajoy and his thugs at the PP, the PSOE decide to present the fascist Yolanda Barcina with the chance to be reelected to office in Iruñea. This backwards political move by the PSOE demonstrates just how deep the hatred towards the Basque people runs in Madrid.

Here you have a note by EITB regarding the setting up of new town councils in the peninsular portion of Euskal Herria:


Town and city councils

Basque Country, Navarre set up new town councils


Iñaki Azkuna (PNV), Odón Elorza (PSE) and Yolanda Barcina (UPN) took office again in Bilbao, Donostia and Iruña respectively. In Gasteiz, socialist Patxi Lazcoz snatched mayor's office from conservative Alfonso Alonso.

Citizens from the Basque Country and Navarre elected their town councillors and county councillors on May 27. Today, June 16, town councils were constituted.

Apart from a few exceptions, the mayor's office went to the one who got most ballots, as only a few previous agreements had been reached. Most of the mayors will have to negotiate with other political parties during the coming term of office as they have no majority.

The Basque leftwing nationalist movement gathered in front of the town halls to manifest against the banning of ANV's candidates. Five people were arrested.


Patxi Lazkoz (socialist party PSE-EE) was the most voted candidate in local elections in Vitoria-Gasteiz. He was elected new mayor during the constituent session of the town council that started at 10:00.


In Bilbao, Iñaki Azkuna (Basque Nationalist Party PNV) reached an agreement with communist Ezker Batua. The constituent session took place at 11:00.

In Bizkaia, the tripartite (PNV, EA and EB) and socialist PSE-EE agreed to respect the most voted candidates. By consequence, PNV took Getxo's mayor's office, whereas PSE-EE took Sestao's mayor's office.


In the Basque town of Donostia-San Sebastian, mayor Odon Elorza was the most voted candidate. He could count on the coalition of Ezker Batua-Aralar for backing his government.


The constituent session of Pamplona/Iruña's town council started at 12:00. The candidate of conservative Union of Navarran People UPN, Yolanda Barcina, has been re-elected mayor as the Socialist Party of Navarre PSN announced on Monday they won't support the candidate of the Basque nationalist coalition Nafarroa Bai to take Pamplona/Iruña’s mayor’s office.

PSN's board said they won't accept any ANV vote and won't support any candidate that depends on the support of ANV.

PSN, Nafarroa Bai and communist Izquierda Unida de Navarra reached an agreement to create a coalition in six towns of Navarre, Barañain, Burlada, Zizur Mayor/Zizur Nagusia, Villava/Atarrabia, Alsasua and Olite. Nafarroa Bai took mayor's office in Barañain, Zizur Mayor/Zizur Nagusia, Villava/Atarrabia and Alsasua, whereas PSN took office in Burlada, Olite y Ansoain.

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