Monday, June 11, 2007

Spanish Politicians Exposed

The article you're about to read was published by the International Herald Tribune is a lame attempt at excusing the behavior displayed by the top Spanish politicians during the peace process initiated by ETA's ceasefire. I say it is a lame attempt because it actually exposes the Spanish politicians in all of their hate-mongering self, here you have it:

Spanish prime minister says there were talks with Basque separatists ETA

The Associated Press
Published: June 7, 2007

MADRID, Spain: Spain's prime minister on Thursday acknowledged there had been high-level talks with Basque group ETA in an attempt to defuse violent separatism in the country's troubled northern region.

"There have been direct and indirect contacts during a short period," Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero said during a television interview on Canal Cuatro station.

Zapatero said he would not give details about the talks, in order to protect those involved.

"One has to have prudence because there are people who committed themselves a great deal, including people from outside our country to whom I am very grateful," Zapatero said.

What Zapatero fails to mention is that he had Spain's regular police forces and secret services arresting ETA's envoys which is a violation of international treaties that convey immunity to the negotiators to a peace process.

This week, ETA announced the end of a 15-month self-imposed cease-fire, though it already had detonated a massive car bomb at Madrid's international airport on Dec. 30, demolishing a five-storey car park, killing two people and shattering any hope of a negotiated solution.

No one had to die that day, but the Spanish police refused to act in behalf of two immigrants from Ecuador despite having information of where they were, something that Zapatero does not mention.

Zapatero broke off all contact with ETA following the explosion.

The prime minister said, however, that he still felt it had been his obligation as government leader to try for a negotiated end to violence.

All he needs to do to end violence is to withdraw all the Spanish occupation forces from Euskal Herria by having Spain renouncing to its genocidal and colonialist past.

ETA, which stands for Basque Homeland and Freedom, is accused of killing more than 800 people since 1968 in a violent campaign for independence from Spain.

Ok, so, who is counting all the people murdered by the invasion, conquest and colonialist regime by Spain against Euskal Herria?

"I would have wished to have had the backing other prime ministers had," Zapatero said in reference to heavy criticism from the opposition conservative Popular Party.

When in opposition Zapatero said he offered former Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar his full support in efforts to eradicate terrorism from Spain.

The Popular Party, now led by Mariano Rajoy, claims Zapatero's government has shown weakness in trying to deal with ETA, which has been classified in Madrid, Brussels and Washington as a terrorist organization.

Rajoy was deeply critical of Zapatero for negotiating with ETA before it renounced violence and disarmed.

This last part is the one I was telling you about, the one that exposes the Spanish political elite in all of its rotten and dispicable reality. Heh, and they thought this article would make them look good.

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