Monday, June 25, 2007

Spanish Government Foiled Peace Accord

Like I said, the Spanish political class is full of spineless cowards. First they torpedoed the peace negotiations, now they deny how close they were to clinching a commitment to disarm by ETA. People need to know this so they can finally learn which side prefers violence over peaceful coexistence.

This article was published at EITb:

Government denies contacts, Gara daily offers more details

According to the Basque daily the socialitst party PSOE "rejected a political agreement after the armed group committed to dismantle its military structures as consequence of the process."

Spokesman of socialist group in Spain's Chamber of Deputies, Diego Lopez Garrido, maintained Sunday "it is obvious Spanish government have had no kind of political agreement with the armed group."

During a press conference, Garrido denied what Gara newspaper has been publishing during the last days about meetings, contacts and agreements between Spanish Government, the armed group ETA, socialist party PSOE and outlawed Basque party Batasuna.

According to Gara's Sunday edition, last May 21 took place "the definitive meeting" for a resolution process, a meeting in which "only participated delegations of PSOE and Batasuna. The first rejected the proposal of a political agreement."

The Basque newspaper unveiled ETA would have stopped its armed struggle and dismantle its military structures, if they reached a global commitment and brought the process to its end.

Garrido insisted that "a political agreement would never be accepted with a group of criminals and terrorists." This kind of information comes from "the terrorist milieu, who lack all credibility." Spanish Government’s position was clear, he added.

How about that last sentence, sounds to me like he is talking about the government that he represents.

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