Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Del Olmo "at Work"

Today at Berria:

Judge Del Olmo sifts through ‘Egunkaria’ documents

He spent the whole day searching the newspaper office and other areas of the Andoain premises together with Spanish Civil Guards from the investigation services

Imanol Murua Uria – ANDOAIN (Gipuzkoa)

In a long search of the headquarters of the premises of the newspaper Egunkaria yesterday, Juan Del Olmo, the Spanish National High Court Judge, accompanied by Spanish Civil Guard officers from the Investigation Services went through the invoices and documents of Egunkaria S.A. one by one, and numerous large boxes full of documents were taken away to be examined. As the search of the Andoain premises was completed yesterday, they will start going through the local press offices in Iruñea (Pamplona) at 09.30 hours today followed by the ones in Gasteiz (Vitoria) and Bilbo.

They began searching the Andoain newspaper office and other offices at 8 o’clock in the morning, breaking off at lunchtime for two and a half hours and finishing at eight in the evening. In the meantime, numerous uniformed civil guard officers spent the day guarding the entrance to the Martin Ugalde Kultur Parkea and the surrounding area and all the employees of the companies and associations located there had to pass the civil guard checkpoints. Judge Juan Del Olmo announced in a writ issued last Friday that he would once again be conducting a search of the Egunkaria premises as part of the preparatory enquiries initiated previously. The writ states that the searches are being conducted in order to decide if the seals from the premises are to be removed or not. If it is decided that the premises should be opened up, Del Olmo has ordered that everything that might be of value for the investigation should be taken away, arguing that his control of the assets or documents inside would otherwise be lost. The Judge informed the Egunkaria lawyers that the searches begun yesterday were in connection with the second summary proceedings relating to the closing down of the paper, in other words with the alleged financial crimes.

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