Saturday, December 06, 2003

To del Olmo: Release Uria!

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Judge requested once again to release Uria

Elosua, his lawyer, argues that there is no reason whatsoever for keeping him in prison

Imanol Murua Uria – DONOSTIA (San Sebastian)

As there is no reason whatsoever for keeping Iñaki Uria, the managing director of Egunkaria, behind bars, his lawyer, Joxe Mari Elosua, has requested Judge Juan Del Olmo to have him released. In a petition submitted to the Spanish National High Court this week the lawyer argued that not a single condition established by the laws governing remand in custody is being met.

To remand someone in custody a crime has to have taken place and there has to be evidence that indicates that the person standing accused has committed the crime. In Elosua’s view there is no evidence whatsoever indicating that a crime has been committed in the Egunkaria case, and even less indicating that Iñaki Uria is the perpetrator of the crime. The lawyer maintains that even if, in the judge’s opinion, there were, nevertheless, evidence indicating that a crime had been committed, that would not constitute sufficient grounds to put him behind bars. In fact, to remand someone in custody at least one of the four conditions established by the law must be satisfied and this does not apply in Uria’s case.

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