Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Unions Back Self Determination

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ELA and LAB Unions back agreement of those favouring self-determination

They say the steps proposed in the communiqué could further cooperation among those who support self-determination

Editorial Staff – DONOSTIA (San Sebastian)

The two Basque nationalist trade unions issued a joint statement yesterday to give their view on ETA’s latest communiqué. Among other things they issued a specific call for unity among the political forces in favour of self-determination.

The document recognises the differences that exist between ELA and LAB regarding the proposal made by the Basque nationalist left on December 16. Nevertheless, the two unions say they are prepared to cooperate on the points they agree on, in other words, on the ones that back self-determination. For this reason they say in the statement that “cooperation is needed among the sectors of the Basque Country that support self-determination.” And they say that priority must continue to be given to work in this direction that furthers cooperation. ELA and LAB are of the opinion that the channels that need to be pursued are the ones which seek agreements among as many powers as possible which support this right. With respect to the latest communiqué issued by ETA [the armed, pro-Basque independence organisation] they say, “if the steps suggested by ETA in that communiqué were adopted, this would facilitate the processes to achieve cooperation among the forces that back self-determination.”
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