Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Support for Joint List

Berria has published this article regarding a communique by ETA in support of a joint electoral list:

ETA prepared to take "all the necessary steps for the initiative to be brought to a successful conclusion"

In a brief communiqué ETA says it supports the proposal for an electoral list backing the right to self-determination

Editorial Staff – DONOSTIA (San Sebastian)

ETA [the armed, pro-Basque independence organisation] not only approves of the initiative for a joint electoral list among all the forces favouring self-determination, but also says it is prepared to take "all the necessary steps" to bring the initiative to a
successful conclusion. The announcement was made last night in a brief communiqué sent to some of the media. The document is addressed to the Basque People and consists of no more than two points. One expresses "approval" of the proposal made in Bergara by the Basque nationalist left to draw up a joint electoral list. The other says that ETA is prepared to take measures and steps: "It [ETA] is fully prepared to adopt whatever measures might be needed and take all the necessary steps for this initiative to succeed."

In Bergara two weeks ago on December 16 significant members of the Basque nationalist left announced their proposal for a single electoral list. Arnaldo Otegi and Rafa Diez were the spokespeople in the press conference held at the Olaso palace. The actual proposal had three points. Firstly, that a "unified electoral list be drawn up from among all the forces in favour of self-determination" to stand in the Spanish general elections. Secondly, that the joint list of candidates that could be formed would be responsible for "representing the Basque Country" before Spain. Finally, the aim of the list would be, according to the proposal, to "secure the recognition of the Basque Country through a process of relations and negotiations with Spain." Before the press conference Arnaldo Otegi and Rafa Diez had held a number of meetings with political, trade union and social organisations to announce the proposal. After the official announcement the remaining Basque nationalist parties asked those backing the proposal to denounce ETA violence so that a deal could be struck.

Seems like a cease-fire is on the works, lets hope Spain will not resort to an escalation to their repressive campaign in Euskal Herria as a response, as they usually do.

Lets wait and see what the PNV has to say about this whole thing.

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