Thursday, December 04, 2003

The Symbiotic Satirist

According to this big ol' book I was reading at "Barnes and Noble", I was born on The Day of the Symbiotic Satirist, which means that we people born on that day tend to be over critical of our surroundings but yet we can integrate quite easily in our social landscape.

The book goes on saying that we can nag people with our constant negativism but that sooner or later we propiciate the conditions for good things to happen.

It also say that dispite our discomfort with our community to the foreign eye we actually represent our place of origin, we are almost emblematic of our neighbourhood, city, state and country, and that no matter how harsh we can be towards our pack we can become quite defensive when some else criticize our group.


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  1. I was born on September 25, 1988. I would like to learn more about the day of symbiotic satirist if you could shed some more light on it..