Thursday, December 11, 2003

Mexican Solidarity With Basque Refugees

Mexican President Vicente Fox is little more than a mercenary for Aznar. He's destroying Mexico's prestige before the international community as a country that opposes totalitarian regimes and also as a safe haven for political refugees and exiles.

But there is a lot of Mexicans willing to restore Mexico's name and dignity, this is their most recent effort, this time in support of the six Basque refugees. This note comes via Gara:

Mexican Humanitarian Activists position themselves against the extraditions

Rosario Ibarra de Piedra meets basque citizens inprisoned in Mexico

Rosario Ibarra de Piedra -president of the Eureka committee, a human rights organisation made up of relatives of the disappeared in Mexico- and the actress Ofelia Medina- representative of the organisation Fideicomiso para la Infancia (Fideo), a humanitarian group working in Chiapas- got first hand knowledge of the situation of the six Basque prisoners being held in Reclusorio Norte prison in Mexico city with a visit there last Tuesday.

After listening to the stories of the detainees, the two human rights activists denounced the irregularities in the extradition process against them being carried out in the Second Court of the District.

Ibarra de Piedra called the protocol of the extradition treaty a "legal aberration", which obliges the Mexican Government to "hand over any citizen of Spanish nationality even if Madrid does not present evidence of their supposed guilt".

Ofelia Medina, for her part, pointed out that "the Government is swapping prisoners for business. In exchange for contracts for Mexican companies in Spain, the authorities are willing to hand over anyone, even if its against the law".

Accompanied by Begonia Lecumberri, also from the organisation Fideo, the actress and pro human rights activist committed themselves to observe the verdict of the case and to promote solidarity actions to prevent their eventual extradition.

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