Tuesday, December 23, 2003

French Idiocy

This French dumbnuts just doesn't get it, read the note today at Berria English:

More French through Basque

The French Interior Minister favours the recognition of identities in order to "be more deeply established in the Republic"

Eneko Bidegain BAIONA

"Why have you come to the Basque Country?" asked a bilingual student of the High School of Donibane Lohizune (St. Jean de Luz). Grinning from ear to ear Nicolas Sarkozy, the French Interior Minister, had just got out of a grey Peugeot 605. That marked the start of his first visit to the Northern Basque Country at 15.30 hours. He had travelled from Pau by helicopter. The Minister replied, "To see if you have any problems." Loads of people were milling around him: town councillors, members of the French Parliament, regional councillors, police, bodyguards, reporters, etc.

After watching a Basque lesson for ten minutes he met with teachers and parents of a public bilingual classroom. Again and again he said that "adherence to a regional language and identity" was not at variance with "adherence to the French Republic." "Regional languages are not a problem for the State. They are an opportunity." Yet he did not provide any specific answers to the questions. He identified and likened the wish to maintain Euskara, the Basque language, with "the desire to use the language of one's grandparents." He declared, "by helping Basque to develop we shall be helping this region to become more deeply established in the Republic." He asked, "Why should we give those who do not accept France the opportunity to appear as the sole defender of cultural identity?"

When adopting measures in favour of Basque he added that it was necessary to separate "the demands in favour of the Basque language from politics, sectarianism and division." "If you take them away from politics and violence, you can find solutions." He views the development of the language as an "opening up" in "a peaceful atmosphere." "I would like you to tell me what your needs are," and invited the audience to speak.

The desire to use the laguage of one's grandparents? What about the desire to use your own language?

And the French considere themselves the land of the egalite, liberte et fraternite, whatever.

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