Saturday, December 20, 2003

Democracy and Freedom, Everyday

I believe that democracy and freedom are not goals to be achieved, but a right that needs to be exercised on a daily basis. I find it amusing when some people say stuff like "I never talk about politics or religion" because most of the time this people think that they are fooling me, they think that my first impression is "Wow! This person doesn't like to hurt other people feelings nor getting into fights", well, life taught me quite the opposite, people that state that say it because they have nothing to say, some out of pure ignorance, some out of fear, but most of them say it out of indifference.

I can agree with ignorance, not all of us have the chance to cultivate our minds, I can deal with fear, not all of us have full confidence on ourselves and what we stand for, but what really pisses me off is people that keep quiet out of indifference, because it is exactly that attitude what allows people like George W. Bush, Tony Blair, Jose Maria Aznar to do what they do.

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