Friday, December 26, 2003

Nafarroa: A Basque Voice

At Berria English:

Aralar, EA and EAJ join forces to give Basque Nationalists of Navarre “a voice”

The three parties say the coalition is open “to those who agree with the pact”

Irene Arrizurieta – IRUNEA (Pamplona)

In Irunea, yesterday, the Navarrese branches of the EAJ, EA and Aralar parties presented the joint list of candidates they will be fielding in the Spanish general elections scheduled for March next year. The coalition has adopted the name "Nafarroa Bai" (Yes to Navarre) and they stress that it has been created with the aim "of representing the thousands of Navarrese citizens who have not had a voice in the Spanish parliament for the last few years."

At the presentation were Patxi Zabaleta and Txentxo Jimenez of Aralar, Maiorga Ramirez and Fermin Ziaurriz of Eusko Alkartasuna (EA) and Joxe Antonio Urbiola, Jabier Leoz and Jose Angel Agirrebengoa of the EAJ. They pointed out that it was "a coalition to represent the thousands of Navarrese citizens who have neither voice" nor representation in the Spanish Congress and Senate (lower and upper chambers, respectively). They stressed that this was the way "they want to respond" from Navarre "to the new historic era" being ushered in.

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