Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Basque Oscar Nomination

What would you know, once again a Basque film maker gets an Oscar nomination.

Here you have the note appeared at EITb:

Academy Awards

Short film by Basque moviemaker nominated for the Oscars

Borja Kobeaga will compete against four more action short films. He tells the story of a father and a son that take grandma out of the old people's house to take care of them because mother has abandoned them.

The short film Eramos Pocos, One Too Many, by the Basque filmmaker Borja Kobeaga, has won one of the five nominations for Best Live Action Short Film on the 79th edition of the Oscars.

It's a 15-minute short film starring Ramon Barea and Marivi Bilbao. The story tells about a father and his son, abandoned by the mother, who take grandma out of the old people's house to take care of them.

Kobeaga was awarded with Best Script at the 8th national short film contest of Medina del Campo's Cinema Week, one of the most important festivals in the Spanish State in the field of short films. The award allowed the shooting and premiere of the film.

In turn, Kobeaga assured that "I never thought about this award," and being a candidate for the Oscar is the "culmination" of the warm reception One Too Many has had in festivals, among them the festival of Aspen.

There is another short film competing for the Oscar in the same category, Binta and the Great Idea (Binta y la gran idea), by Javier Fesser, a circumstance Kobeaga described as "a cosmic coincidence."

Kobeaga's One Too Many will compete against Binta and the Great Idea, Helmer & Son, The Saviour and West Bank Story on February 25 at the 79th edition of the Academy Awards.

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