Sunday, January 07, 2007

Robocops Against Pro-Amnesty Demo

Acting as sidekicks to the Spanish occupation forces, the Ertzaintza (Basque Police) acted to stop a demonstration in Donostia following the orders dispatched from Madrid.

If Ibarretxe and his minion Balza had a bit of dignity left in them, the first thing they ought to do would be to stop callling this Ertzaintza by that name in order to honor those Basques who fought against Spain's occupation as members of the real Ertzaintza.

Here you have the note by EITb:

Basque police clashed on Saturday with Basque leftist supporters at a demonstration in the Basque Country on the day that the body of a man killed by a car bomb blamed on the armed Basque group ETA was flown home.

The rally had been called in the seaside city of Donostia-San Sebastian by Basque leftist militants to demand an amnesty for prisoners belonging to the armed group ETA.

The gathering had been deemed illegal by High Court Judge because it had been convened by outlawed organisation Askatasuna.

The rally was due to have taken place in the velodrome of Anoeta, next to the city's football stadium but protesters were stopped from entering the grounds by police. Protesters then began a sit-down protest, the spokesman said.

Police charged several times to clear the area around the Anoeta Stadium, and three people were arrested, the spokesman said.

One person was taken to hospital with light injuries and one police car was burned, the spokesman said, speaking on condition of anonymity in keeping with forces' policy.

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