Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Medical Breakthrough

This note was published by EITb:

Trichonomas vaginalis

Basque scientist contributes to a breakthrough in medicine

Felix Bastida, together with other scientists, made a great step forward in research on a sexually transmitted human pathogen. The breakthrough was echoed by important scientific publications.

The prestigious science magazine Science published a paper that describes the genome sequence of the protist Trichomonas vaginalis, a sexually transmitted human pathogen. One of the researches was the Basque Felix Bastida, actually leading Vacunek, a company of technology transference created by Neiker-Tecnalia.

The research of Felix Bastida and a group of scientists of the University of California had been recognised by its publication by Science, one of the most prestigious magazines.

After a journey at several U.S. universities, the young Basque scientist is actually living in the Basque Country and collaborating with the Department of Production and Animal Health of Neiker-Tecnalia, an ambitious project to find vaccines and products to diagnose animal diseases.

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