Monday, January 15, 2007

It's All About Peace and Dialogue

The post by Joe Gandelman regarding the demonstrations in Euskal Herria, Catalunya and Spain last Saturday is so juicy that have no clue were to start.

Let me begin by saying that Joe never once apologized for this shameless piece of drivel he published on March 13th of 2004. In that post, Joe aligned himself with the official version put forward by José María Aznar and his henchmen, the authors of the attacks in Madrid on the morning of March 11th could not be others than the Basques, I mean, ETA.

Less than 24 hours later Joe Gandelman was proven wrong. By then two Basques were dead. He said nothing about. Adding insult to injury, Mariano Rajoy, dauphin to Joe's hero José María Aznar, was rejected by the Spanish public during the elections for Prime Minister.

But why do I bestow so much importance to Joe's infatuation with José María Aznar and his political party the Partido Popular (PP)?

Quite simple, Aznar is the embodiment of Spain's extreme right, he is heir to the Francoist regime, and that is no literary license, oh no, José María is the grandson of Manuel Aznar, the propaganda chief during Franco's dictatorship, a brutal era in Spain when up to a million people were murdered. Just try to imagine something similar in Germany or Italy, where a racist from the extreme right, with a last name like Goebbels or Mussolini, would earn the rank of Prime Minister while leading a political party founded by a former Nazi or a Black Shirt.

Which brings us to another dark episode in Spanish recent history.

Take a wild stab at who ushered Francisco Franco to power. I'll give you a clue, it was the same guy who slaughtered millions of Roma, Poles, Russians, Jewish, Jehova Witnesses, homosexuals and handicapped individuals during his European tour de force.

By now you should be appalled, because if you read his blog, Joe Gandelman claims to be... a Jew.

A Jew that in his little history of the Basques, Spain and ETA dismisses the Basques as a people, as a nation hijacked by two other nations.

Now, if a Basque was to dismiss the Jewish as a people, or Israel as the rightful home of the Jewish, that Basque would be called an anti-Semite. So I say we apply the same rule the other way around, but let us wait, this just gets better and better.

Let us get to the present post, the one titled 'Spaniards Protest Basque Separatist ETA’s Bullet-Riddled “Ceasefire”'. Whoa, talk about a pulp fiction title.

Once again Joe decides to jump on the Spanish extreme right wagon. A bomb, two deaths and a gutted parking lot.

Two deaths.

And the two were Ecuadorians, people that had nothing, absolutely nothing with the Basque conflict, a conflict that pitches Basques and Spaniards against each other, but no Ecuadorians.

But wait, remember how Joe never ever mention the death of the two Basques in the aftermath of March 11? A conflict between Al Quaeda and Aznar over Iraq?

Suddenly, it seems like Basque dead people are less important that other dead people, amazing, discriminated in death.

What is really disgusting about all this is that in the last nine months (and you are welcomed to review his archives), Joe never once spoke against the decision by Rodríguez Zapatero to refuse to do anything, something, in behalf of the Peace Process. Instead, Rodríguez stepped up the repression in the Basque Country, with arbitrary detentions, continued practice of torture and the last pearl of democracy, to extend the jail terms of Basques political prisoners. And Joe said nothing, zilch, zero, nada.

Meaning, because of the Spanish political apparatus, the Peace Process never really started, so how can it be that ETA was the one that violated the cease fire, putting and end to the Peace Process?.

Now we have a bunch of Spaniards claiming that the Peace Process can not continue under the threat of violence. What about the violence generated by the Spanish state during the last nine months? All those pseudo-pacifists never saw it?

Finally, Joe decides to go along with another blogger, an open Basque-phobe who goes by the nick name of Franco Alemán.

Here you have Joe's final statement:

The bottom line is that to many Spaniards of many political persuasions ETA — and the Zapatero government — have a long way to go before many of them will accept that the ceasefire is more than yet another hiccup in the wave of violence and sea of blood that has marked ETA’s history in Spain. During the Franco era, even though many repudiated its tactics and violence, some privately considered it a kind of folk hero organization, battling the dictatorship.

But now Spain is most assuredly a democracy. Some Spaniards have lived all their lives being given assurances that some day a ceasefire would be put in place with ETA that would endure.

They’ve heard it all before.

Been there. Done that. Buried them….

Did you notice?

Not one word of criticism towards Franco's dictatorship, a terror regime that spawned ETA. Not one word of criticism towards the PP, an embarrassing political formation that has been torpedoing the Peace Process since its beginning.

On top of it, he takes away the real meaning of all the marches. People in Euskal Herria, Spain and Catalunya want the Peace Process to continue, even ETA is in for it as shown in their last statement. Joe, Franco Aleman and others insist that it was against ETA's attack on December 30th, in doing so, they patronize the Spanish people who demonstrated in Madrid supporting dialogue, reason why the PP and its satellite groups did not attend.

Shame on Joe Gandelman, the Basque-phobe.

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