Tuesday, January 16, 2007

González Iñarritu's Golden Globe

As you may know, the film "Babel" by Alejandro González Iñarritu won the Golden Globe to the best Drama Movie last night.

The film was not well received among US film critics because it demolishes the idea some have that the USA is the perfect democracy.

Ironically enough, the person in charge of presenting González Iñarritu with the award was no other than The Governator, the fascist immigrant by the name of Arnold Schwarzenneger, a mediocre actor who among other things, despises Mexican immigrants.

The note from Yahoo News relates how the director told Ahnul how much of a bigot the Austrian is:

Mexican director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu received the best picture award for "Babel" from California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who appeared on crutches to give the final prize of the night at the Beverly Hilton.

"I swear I have my papers in order governor, I swear," Inarritu quipped, a reference to his film, which touches on immigration issues between the United States and Mexico.


Enter idiotic smile by Schwarzenegger.

The article tells us a bit more about the movie and the director:

The multi-lingual drama skillfully interweaves the stories of four families on three continents following the shooting of a US tourist in Morocco.

Inarritu, who has said inspiration for the film came from his experiences of living in America in the aftermath of the September 11, 2001 attacks, said the film showed that cinema knew no boundaries.

"It seems that no matter how many languages you make a film in, I think the power of cinema is universal and at the end emotion doesn't need translation and that's the beauty of it," Inarritu said.

I know that by know you may be wondering what does this had to do with this page. Well, Gónzalez Iñarritu is Mexican of Basque background. And if that was not enough, the script was penned by Guillermo Arriaga, you guessed it, another Mexican of Basque background.

The Basque diaspora is leaving its mark.

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