Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Trecherous Spanish Government

Rodríguez Zapatero wanted a firestorm?

How about the recently undisclosed information that his government (as usual) did not fullfill their promises and compromises?

Even after ETA had given up its own part in the Peace Process in behalf of the Basque political parties and the Spanish government, Rodríguez refused to live up to the word given.

Here is the note by EITb that puts the spot light on Madrid's treachery:

The Basque armed group ETA and the Spanish Government talked during their last meeting in December about "a political agreement between the Basque parties" as a "key-solution" to unfreeze the peace talks, the Basque newspaper Gara assured today. The Spanish Government "promised not to block the negotiations between Basque political parties so that they could reach an agreement", informed the newspaper.

The newspaper assures that both manifested their desire to continue peace talks, but made clear that a political agreement between the Basque political parties would be fundamental.

According to Gara, both parts confirmed during the December meeting that the peace talks were freezing.

ETA's proposal

The Basque newspaper also assured that ETA presented to the Spanish Government a global proposal to develop the peace process when a political agreement would be reached to resolve the Basque conflict.

This proposal and the Spanish Government’s one should be analyzed by both, at least if the Spanish President didn’t put an end to the dialogue.

The meeting also treated the Basque-prisoners-issue. The Basque armed group asked, according to the newspaper, to respect the Basque prisoners' rights and to stop the use of exceptional measures. The group also asked the Government "to respect all the guarantees linked to the agreements that gave place to the cease-fire". They warned that "policial and judicial attacks" and the situation of Basque prisoner Iñaki de Juana Chaos (nowadays in hunger strike) could "blow up the process".

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  1. I'm afraid the party that has broken the rules here is ETA. ETA has betrayed not only the basques that had confidence in this peace process and the Spanish and Basque gobernment that were speaking with them, but to the people who has been fighting by their side.

    The stupid bombing on december 30th has sentenced to jail the visible faces of Batasuna, specially Otegui. ETA has turned its back on the ones it should protect.

    Another consequence of the dumb way they "didn't brake the truce" is that acting this way they have given wings to de Juana and it's view of the conflict. And we all know what happens when the short-minded violents lead ETA.

    De Juana should explain the other gudaris why he has accepted reinsertion benefits in order to reduce the amount of years he has to spend in prison while he forced other ETA prisoners to reject each and every benefits that came from Penitentiary Institutions. It's not one prisoner nor a couple but several that could have been freed (in case they had accepted reinsertion benefits) some years ago but were forced by this traitor and his thugs to stay in jail.

    Personally, I want him to be freed, but I wouldn't mind if ETA takes care of him as he deserves.

    I'm sorry, but it hurts to see how the whole left abertzalea defends him after having witnessed how he has been acting all these years and how he acts right now, so I have to say it.


  2. The latest reports coming through to NZ are of the arrest by Spanish authorities of one Basque, a member of ETA, on the basis of threats made against the America's Cup competition later this year.