Thursday, January 18, 2007

Batasuna's Analysis

EITb has published a note about how Batasuna is assuming its responsability in the future of the Basque Peace Process. The political party also calls on the other parties to do the same. Finally, it decries the attempt by the PP to outlaw EHAK.

Here it is:

The Basque leftwing nationalist movement assumed part of its responsibility in an attempt to push the process following the Madrid airport attack, but rejected that all responsibility is on the movement, as Joseba Permach noted Thursday.

Permach assured that the reflection of leftwing nationalism is "collective" and criticised the attempts to "pass the buck" to the nationalist movement while all parties have to reflect on the matter. Likewise, he warned that trying to outlaw the Leftwing Nationalist group in the Basque Parliament is "an error."

In an appearance in Donostia-San Sebastian, Permach referred to the statements voiced by Batasuna spokesman Arnaldo Otegi and LAB union's secretary general Rafa Diez, to affirm that when leftwing nationalism voices a reflection, it's "collective" and not just "personal views."

The Batasuna leader noted that, following these statements, agents are trying to "dodge the issue" and "pass the buck" to leftwing nationalism event if what is necessary is a "collective" reflection by every political party.

Likewise, he denounced "the attempt to outlaw" the Leftwing Nationalist group in the Basque Parliament and denounced the "return" to conservative PP and socialist PSOE's policies to try to wipe out leftwing nationalism, saying it is a "big error" and does not work.

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