Tuesday, January 16, 2007

To Ban Basque Parties

The fake democracy known as Spain (a Parliamentary Monarchy by the way) is aiming its guns at another Basque political party.

Here you have the note from EITb:

Conservative opposition PP's spokesman in Parliament, Eduardo Zaplana, met Tuesday with the Popular Group of the Basque Chamber to analyse Monday's session in Spanish Lower House dealing with ETA's latest attack. There, he requested a ban on the Leftwing Nationalist group.

In an appearance for the media, PP spokesman affirmed his party will support the Antiterrorist Pact meeting announced Monday by the president of the Spanish Government, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero. Nevertheless, he warned that they won't "take part in a pretending exercise, nobody must be mistaken."

Asked if his party would be ready to modify the Pact to include such parties as Basque Nationalists or Catalan Nationalists, who criticised the preamble of the Pact, Zaplana said that "if somebody wants to change it, he must voice it in public."

He also noted that, with this meeting, the Government has "a chance to correct" his antiterrorist policies starting proceedings to outlaw the Communist Party of the Basque Lands, which has nine members of parliament in the Leftwing Nationalist Group, because they didn't condemn ETA's latest attack.

Thus, the conservative spokesman announced that his group will raise a proposal in Parliament so that the Government gives the two Ecuadorians killed at Barajas airport a posthumous golden medal, builds a remembrance symbol at the terminal, and defines special measures to compensate those affected by the attack.

There you have it, Banana Republic politics at work.

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