Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Hunger Strike Continues

This note regarding Iñaki de Juana's hunger strike was published by EITB:

86-day strike

Prisoner on hunger strike determined not to eat until release

A few representatives of Basque culture visited Iñaki de Juana Chaos Wednesday. Writer Laura Mintegi said it's "horrific" to see how he is being "force-fed with his hands and feet tied."

A group of Basque writers visited the Basque prisoner Iñaki de Juana Chaos, on hunger strike since November 7, to denounce the fact that a judicial system, a Government and society admit that a person be "tried and sentenced for the use of the word." They also wanted to note that there's "a serious problem of democracy and freedom of expression" in Spain.

Writer Laura Mintegi spoke after visiting De Juana at Madrid-based Doce de Octubre Hospital to say "an inadmissible theory is being applied from a judicial and even human point of view," and that theory could be applied "to anyone from now on."

In turn, writer Fito Rodriguez noted that the body of law is being applied "depending on who writes, and not on what he writes," and affirmed that if the writer of the two articles were any journalist, writer or citizen "he wouldn't probably have had any problems."

Determined to keep on

In turn, Mintegi highlighted that even "physical" rights are being violated in this situation, and noted how "horrific" it is to see De Juana being "force-fed with his hands and feet tied."

Asked if De Juana will put an end to the hunger strike, Mintegi assured that he showed his determination not to eat. "He won't eat until he is not released and at home," she affirmed.

The writer also noted that De Juana voiced his pessimism with regard to the next decision by the Supreme Court following his appeal against the prison sentence, as he thinks he would stay in the same situation.

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