Monday, February 18, 2008

The Balkanization of France

Well, seems like Paris has decided to say yes to independent movements in Europe, lets see when they start negotiations with Euskal Herria, Corsica and Brittany in order to provide these nations with the same rights given to Kosovo.

Here you have the note from Yahoo News:

France recognizes Kosovo, after hours of suspense

By Douglas Hamilton 30 minutes ago

France recognized the independence of Kosovo on Monday, ending hours of suspense after Prime Minister Hashim Thaci assured the new republic that Western recognition would come "any minute."

The announcement by Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner, at an EU foreign ministers meeting in Brussels, was a relief for Pristina.

The smooth response Thaci had expected from the European Union and the United States was tripped up earlier, when EU member Spain broke ranks to say 'No'.

Then U.S. President George W. Bush appeared to jump the gun ahead of his own State Department.

In a television interview during his tour of Africa, Bush said the people of Kosovo "are now independent." The remark was flashed in Kosovo as meaning U.S. recognition but White House spokeswoman Dana Perino said: "He didn't announce that."

"What he meant by that is that the Kosovars have declared their independence," Perino said, making clear it was the job of the U.S. State Department to officially declare recognition.

Bush was due to make a statement about Kosovo on Tuesday, in line with the original script which calls for the EU to go first in announcing its policy on what the West insists is a "European issue" that Serb ally Russia should not interfere in.

But the first word from Brussels was a disappointment.

"The government of Spain will not recognize the unilateral act proclaimed yesterday by the assembly of Kosovo," Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos told reporters.

"We will not recognize because we consider ... this does not respect international law," said the minister, whose country is grappling with separatist movements of its own.

Cyprus, Greece, Slovakia, Bulgaria and Romania have indicated they too are not keen to recognize Kosovo.

Afghanistan officially greeted the new Balkan state, but Vietnam and Azerbaijan said they would not recognize it.

The thumbs-up Kosovo confidently expects from London, Rome, Berlin and up to 100 other governments was still in the pipeline.

London is next?

Well, that is peachy news for Ireland, Wales and Scotland.

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