Saturday, February 23, 2008

Shared Effort

One of Spain's strategies to maintain its illegal occupation of Euskal Herria is to keep it divided. And so it is that Navarre and the Basque Autonomous Community are two different political entities.

Well, work is being done to put the imaginary border keeps the four provinces that conform Hegoalde separated (this is why Basque nationalists can not be called separatists, a term often used by the main stream media).

This not published at EITb tells us about a shared initiative to strengthen Euskara, the Basque language:


First attempt

Basques, Navarrans launch plan in support of Basque language


Representatives of both governments met today to work together in support of the Basque language. They will meet again next week to set the programme methodology.

Representatives of the Basque and Navarre governments met Friday morning in Vitoria-Gasteiz to reach agreements in order to work together in support of the Basque language.

Miren Azkarate, the Basque Government’s Counsellor of Culture and Carlos Pérez Nievas, the Basque Government’s Counsellor of Education, agreed that “shelving politics, they can start working together in favour of the Basque language”.

Both of them said that today’s meeting was just the beginning of a common work to “plan Basque language’s future”, to guarantee the survival of the language and to normalise the relationship of both sides concerning to linguistic matter.

By the way, there is not such a thing as Basques and Navarrans, they are all Basques as they are all Navarrans (I think the right term is Navarrese). Euskera, the Basque language, was called "lingua navarrorum" by the Romas, just so you get the historic facts.

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