Wednesday, February 06, 2008

EHAK and Ibarretxe

This note comes to us via EITb:



EHAK members meet Basque Premier


According to sources linked to the Basque leftist party EHAK, the meeting showed the “tension between the Basque leftist movement and the nationalist party”. EHAK had previously criticized Basque premier’s silence.

The Basque Prime Minister Juan José Ibarretxe met Friday several members of the Basque leftist party EHAK, who showed him their opposition to the banning process of their party.

The meeting was celebrated at the Basque Parliament and was attended by the Basque premier Juan José Ibarretxe, the spokeswoman for EHAK Nekane Erauskin, and the EHAK members of parliament Julián Martínez and Itziar Bazterrika, sources linked to EHAK reported.

According to the same sources, during that meeting the tension between the Basque leftist movement and the Basque nationalist party PNV was intense. A few minutes before the meeting, EHAK spokeswoman Nekane Erauskin had criticized Basque premier’s “serious silence” about the ban of their party. Erauskin said that they do not trust him anymore.

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