Friday, February 15, 2008

Images of the Strike

This images of the general strike in Euskal Herria were published by El Correo Digital:

Once again the ertzaintza at the service of those who oppress Euskal Herria.

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  1. Great posts about the 'problems' that independence for Kosovo will create ;-)

    What was this strike about and how many took part roughly?

  2. Kaixo Rhys,

    Regarding Kosovo, they are all "scared" by a possible "domino effect". Watch Bosnia being the first one to part ways with its Serbian population.

    The general strike was called to protest the recent repressive actions by Madrid (the 18/98 verdict, the torture to Sarasola and Portu and the banning of ANV and EHAK), tens of thousands took part in the strike, here you have more info:

    Gero arte....