Saturday, February 02, 2008

Euskera Lessons in Japan

Some excellent news regarding Euskara, the Basque language, come our way thanks to EITB:



Three Japanese universities want to teach Euskera


But the agreements to promote the Basque language in the Asiatic Continent do not finish just there. Basque government chief officer is at this moment in Philippines trying to promote new initiatives.

Three Japanese universities are interested in giving classes of Euskera in their lecture rooms, becoming the second one since Waseda University already gives these lessons in Tokyo.

According to Basque Culture Department these centers would be the University of Sofia, in Tokyo, Kansai Gaida, in Osaka and the one in Kobe.

But the agreements to promote Basque Language studies in Asia do not end just there, since Vice Councilor of Basque Government’s Political Linguistics, Patxi Baztarrika, and program’s director, Lorea Bilbao, are now in Philippines where they will attend several meetings with vice chancellors at Ateneo de Manila University and Nueva Vizcaya State University.

The program began three years ago with the intention of formalizing agreements with universities of different countries. Nowadays, 24 universities in 12 countries of America and Europe give lessons of Euskera, with a total of 700 students.

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