Thursday, February 14, 2008

General Strike

This note comes to us via EITb:


General Strike

"Basque leftists" denounce latest court rulings


The strike was only supported by the LAB trade union, a pro-amnesty movement and the so-called Basque leftist movement. Authorities doubted the legality of the strike call.

The so-called "Basque leftist movement", a pro-amnesty association and the Basque trade union LAB joined a 24-hour general strike on Thursday to protest against the "political, judicial and police repression" the "Basque leftists" are suffering.

The strike was called on Sunday, a day before 14 prominent members of the outlawed party Batasuna were arrested and sent to prison suspected of trying to organise the Basque party.

Spanish authorities doubted the legality of the strike call. Paulino Luesma, the Spanish Interior Ministry's representative in the Basque Country, said on Wednesday the strike call was illegal. Basque Government's Justice Councilor Joseba Azkarraga said it was up to the judges to decide on the legality of the strike call but added the Department of Employment had nor received any notification.

Callers of the strike said the strike sought to protest against the "political, judicial and police repression" the "Basque leftist movement" is suffering and to make an appeal for a "democratic framework and independence".

Spokeswoman for the Basque Government Miren Azkarate did not comment on the strike call but asked to respect the "right to work of those who decide not to support the strike".

24 people arrested

Sabotages in many places of the Basque Country started last night. Today, the first attacks began at 05:00 a.m. (local time GMT+1). Basque police arrested 5 people this morning when they were trying to cut traffic with barricades in Bilbao.

Other two sabotages happened at the underground but after the problems were solved, it started working as usually. Basque police arrested other two people who lowered themselves to the railway track.

On the other hand, some people trying to interrupt traffic in other places of the Basque Country were also arrested. This kind of protests happened in Bilbao, Errenteria, Azpeitia, Pasaia, Sestao and Portugalete, among others. A total of 24 arrests happened.

In a communiqué, the organisers of one of the sabotages said "it was a peaceful protest against persecution of ideas, against the state of emergency imposed by the ruling socialists, and in favour of democratic solutions".

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