Sunday, February 17, 2008

Social Reference Institutions

This note comes to us via EITb:


Official visit to California

Basque PM Ibarretxe ask Basque centers to be "social reference"


In an act celebrated at San Francisco’s Basque Cultural Centre, Basque Prime Minister has declared that in this way, Basque Country will obtain "bigger international recognition".

Basque Prime Minister Juan José Ibarretxe has asked Basque centers abroad to be "social reference institutions" in their environment so that Basque Country will obtain "bigger international recognition wherever it may be".

Ibarretxe, who finishes his visit to California today, has been attending an act at San Francisco’s Basque Cultural Center, where he has been welcomed by directors there, representatives of other Basque communities in US and a large group of Basque people living in this country.

The Basque Premier has thanked "all Basque citizens in US" for their effort "in favour of our country and the expansion of our Basque Culture values".

"Thanks to your efforts, in spite of everything, Basque Country is well considered in the international field", has added Ibarrtexe in a speech given in English.

Actually, the Basque community in the USA unlike the one in Mexico is doing a terrific job at providing an opportunity to the people living in the cities with a Basque organization or club to get to know more about Basque history and culture as a mean to ensure a better understanding of what Euskal Herria is.

But there is areas of opportunity where Basque clubs need to improve, the main issue is the need to create spaces for those who more openly support the right of the Basque people to their self determination.

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