Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Five Years Without Egunkaria

Remember, what you are about to read are the consequences of actions taken by a government that is considered to be a democracy.

More so, you will not read anything about Egunkaria in this year's RSF report on freedom of press.

This not comes to us thanks to EITB:


5 years without “Egunkaria”

Basque figures say “the Basque language is being criminalized”


Several Basque figures reminded the Basque society the tragic anniversary of the banning of the Basque newspaper Euskaldunon Egunkaria. They have organized a rally in Andoain February 20 to protest against it.

Several political representatives of Basque parties PNV, EA, EB-Berdeak and Aralar and trade unions ELA, LAB and CCOO, members of the Royal Academy of the Basque language, writers, singers, poets and football players among others support those accused over Egunkaria case and they pointed out that not only the newspaper is being criminalized but everything linked to the Basque language itself.

Moreover, they made an appeal to attend a rally in support of “the critical conscience of the Basque society”.

They said that the Constitution, the statutes and the public administrations are in charge of the Basque language and the Basque culture but some social organizations “manipulate everything and they linked them to the Basque armed group ETA”.

Tragic anniversary

February 20 marks the 5th anniversary since the Spanish Civil Guard banned the Basque newspaper Euskaldunon Egunkaria, following the ruling by the Spanish judge Juan del Olmo.

The group supporting the accused over Egunkaria case and the newspaper itself reminded everybody that was a fateful day and they presented a report to make an appeal to demonstrate against this case so that it is not forgotten.

The rally is going to be in the Basque town of Andoain February 20, to mark the 5th anniversary of the banning.

The trial

Five years later, the trial has not been celebrated yet. The judge said the newspaper was linked to the Basque armed group ETA in order to ban it, but according to the Public Prosecutor of the Spanish High Court that was not true.

The Public Prosecutor’s office did not summit any accusation but it seems unavoidable that the trial must be celebrated.

If found guilty, the 12 accused could face 300 years prison sentence.

And lets not forget that Martxelo Otamendi and a number of those arrested on that infamous date were tortured during the time they were held incommunicado.

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